Cloud solution for everyone

The fastest and cheapest way to save DICOM image data to PACS solution and browse them.

Cloud solution from company MEDORO allows you to quickly deploy new applications or technologies. It also significantly lowers the costs of their purchase and operation. Let IT care for you and not the other way around.

Cloud solution is appropriate for everyone in need of archive, browser or stored data accessible from anywhere or for those who want to cut the cost of maintenance, renewal and upgrade of HW required for a local installation of PACS and DICOM browser.


  • economical - saving costs for operation, maintenance and extension of local HW,
  • accessibility of stored data - anywhere as needed,
  • accessibility of SW resources (f. e. browser) - anywhere as needed.


Cloud solution is based on certified resources designed even for healthcare - Microsoft Azure. Thanks to used technology are data safely stored and access to them is strictly regulated according to user settings.

Complete solution is based on products of company MEDORO and product family Dicompass Gateway.

An account on a cloud server is created for everyone interested in the cloud solution. From there, the user controls the entire system - access rights, user accounts, storage and browser configuration etc.


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What do I need to know to set up service?

You need to be decide whether you will use only the browser or the entire PACS solution.

 - How much data will be stored per month.

 - Where will the browser be used?

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I'm deciding whether to buy my own hardware and SW or to use a cloud solution from Medoro. Which is more preferable for me?

Cloud solution is ideal for users, who need to store smaller amounts of data, for example from one modality, and do not want to purchase an expensive locally installed solution.

Similarly using a cloud browser is ideal, when there is a need to use a browser in one or more places without dependency on HW.

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Will the location of the system not affect the response time?

Our cloud systems are located within the largest telecommunications network in the Czech Republic.

We use highly secure data centers provided by Microsoft Azure. All resources are under constant supervision.

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Is it possible to browse data without installing the browser?

Cloud browser Dicompass Gateway WebViewer is a web based browser, ie. user only has to log in to his cloud account and all browser features will be available to him.

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Can I browse the data without dependency on my PC?

Cloud browser is available from all computers with modern web browsers like Chrome, Edge or Firefox installed. Supported operating systems are Windows 10, Linux and MacOS. All stored data are available to the user after he logs in to his cloud account.

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Can I use transfer networks ePACS and ReDiMed?

It is possible to continue using ePACS, ReDiMed exchange networks from our cloud solution. You will not lose any of the features offered by these solutions.

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What are the financial costs associated with acquiring and operating the cloud solution?