Dicompass Camera 2 - NEW APP

Take a picture with your phone, tablet or camera with Android or iOS directly to the DICOM format and send it online to Cloud PACS or any other PACS.

Dicompass Camera is fully supported for Android version 7 and higher or for iOS version 13 and higher. The application offers new functions like recording videos, options for categorization, taging records. You can choose between light and dark mode and much more.

Dicompass Camera is a great tool for everyone who needs to follow up any visual patient information e.g. skin findings in dermatology, decubitus healing in nurse care, pre and post records in the plastic surgery, microscope image or macro image in pathology and posture images in rehabilitation and etc.

Working with worklist or scanning QR or regular barcode with patient ID you can just take a picture and it can be automatically send to the PACS. You can do editing and postprocessing of image data (choose, delete, crop etc.) before you send it out.



Patient selection: full support Modality Work list
possibility of manual entry including support of autocomplete
possibility of reading patient ID from QR code
Localization options: body part selection
description of the type of finding
Editing records: cropping image
Supported data formats: DICOM image (JPEG / Little Endian)
DICOM video (H.264) - iOS only
Sharing options: Google Drive, Dropbox, Email
Storage options: It is possible to take pictures or make videos without data connection

images or videos are then sent when the PACS is available