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Version:3.6.26 (changes)
Release date:03/14/2019 11:20

DICOM images categorization

Categorization of DICOM images (and video) is unique function, that allows user to search images by user-defined fields. This feature is widely applicable in College Hospital enviroment.

What to imagine under Categorization term?

Imagine situation where doctor wants to show his students for example inflammation of tympanic membrane. So he has to prepare data in advance and he has to rember indentification of sample patient. With Dicompass categorization he can simple search for all studies with inflammation of tympanic membrane. And open any matched study simply by clicking on it.

How does it work?

Categorization is fully compatible with any PACS server, because categorization data are stored by DicompassServer to its own database. You can directly categorize data acquired in Dicompass digitalization station, but you can also categorized any images in PACS (like CT, MR, US…).

Educational PACS

You can create educational PACS, which contains only anonymized data with categorization data. This PACS can be accessible to students within university network. You can also set up remote access to anonymous data by DEX protocol, which encapsulate DICOM communication to encrypted HTTPS protocol.