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Version:3.6.26 (changes)
Release date:03/14/2019 11:20

Change Log


New functions:

  • Working set tree color theme selection
  • RGB images with Planar Configuration = 1 support
  • Possibility of enlarging smaller text in working set tree
  • Notification on Dicompass exit while there are running background tasks

Bug fixes:

  • Hiding panel is blocking user UI controls on external monitor
  • Occasional freeze of user UI in DICOM Query panel
  • Key stroke for running multiframe cine-loop is ineffective
  • Empty advanced date filter is not saved into favorites
  • Bug in loading of JPEG multiframe images


New functions:

  • parameters -qr, -dex and -localdb can be used without parameter

Bug fixes:

  • Cobb angle tool fixed
  • Balloontip UI problem fixed


New function:

  • Single Sign-On support for Active Directory

Bug fix:

  • Wrong Add dialog tab shows up when using command line parameters -qr or -dex for second time


New functions:

  • video capture PIP settings is now persistent
  • user configurable logger
  • mouse move OSD tools optimalization
  • showing error message for empty command line params or empty search results

Bug fixes:

  • TagBrowser window size fix
  • video capture device finalization bug fix


New functions:

  • image filters for sharpening / edge finding
  • series with one image only can be listed with mouse wheel
  • support for Ophtalmic Photography
  • tool for removing patients with no studies
  • console command for cleaning and reindexing local DB
  • search for other patients data has configurable source
  • original data store in case of passive image retrieve
  • switch for deactivation of automatic selection of active series

Bug fixes:

  • DELETE key does not work on Add dialog
  • transition between series is not smooth
  • update information is shown multiple times
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